• Equifax will welcome more than 50 new engineers to its growing technology center in Santiago, Chile
  • By 2018, the center will have more than 200 young professionals developing global products and platforms for 24 markets
  • Equifax Chile signs collaborative agreement with multiple, local universities, helping to prepare students for future careers at technology center

Equifax Inc., announced the expansion of its largest global technology center, which is located in Santiago, Chile, and serves as an important counterpart to the corporations’ existing centers in the United States and Ireland. With this new expansion, the company expects to hire more than 50 new engineers in the coming months, which will be focused on developing innovative analytical and big data solutions to produce insights for all 24 of Equifax’s markets.

Additionally, Equifax also announced that it has so far signed a collaborative agreement with two local universities in Santiago; INACAP and Universidad del Bío Bío, as part of its “Back to College” initiative, with more to come.  The initiative aims to attract the best and brightest talent in the region, and as such, students will participate in a rotational program at the Santiago Development Center to learn about different roles within the computer engineering field.  Equifax employees will also host a variety of seminars and workshops at each of the universities to ensure curriculums are focused on cultivating talent to fulfil the company’s growing need for young computer engineers.

“Thanks to the innovative and state-of-the-art solutions being developed at the Santiago Development Center, Equifax is able to deliver the best products and services to its customers. The type of innovation that brews in this center is a testament to our leadership in the delivery of insights and solutions – allowing our customers to make informed business decisions, and consumers to turn their dreams into life accomplishments.  We truly power the world with knowledge,” says Carlos Johnson, General Manager of Equifax Chile.

Source: Equifax Press Release