Equifax 500Advertisers Can Now Define Target Audiences Through Estimated Financial Behaviors and Purchase Propensities

Equifax Inc. announced that its division, IXI Services, and Adobe today have joined forces to make IXI’s Digital Targeting Segments available as a selection criteria within Adobe Audience Manager’s Audience Marketplace. Advertisers will now be able to better define their target audience in terms of estimated financial behaviors and purchase propensities.

Adobe Audience Manager’s Audience Marketplace is a private data marketplace that:

  • Connects advertisers and content publishers to buy and sell second and third-party data without the time-consuming challenges of setting up individual marketing agreements.
  • Enables companies to scale their high-value audience segments for personalized and targeted content across marketing channels.
  • Can now leverage more than 350 premium digital targeting segments from IXI, including customized segments for 12 industries.

The IXI digital targeting segments allow advertisers to reach prospects and customers that fit their campaign criteria by tightly defining their desired target audience for online advertising. These criteria can include estimated asset-levels, financial preferences, and propensity to buy in travel, leisure, and auto categories, among others. By using these segments, advertisers can execute more efficient online targeting, help minimize wasted ad spend, and track campaign effectiveness with closed-loop attribution.

Source: Equifax Press Release