Equifax Inc. announced its latest endeavour to help advance and strengthen cybersecurity globally – a partnership with the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity.

The Centre was established in 2018 by the World Economic Forum to shape the future of cybersecurity and leverages its convening power to mobilize the capabilities of a global network of partners from business, government, international organizations, academia and civil society to enhance and consolidate international security.

Last week, Jamil Farshchi, Chief Information Security Officer for Equifax, delivered remarks at the first Annual Gathering of the Centre for Cybersecurity in Geneva. The event included leaders and experts in cybersecurity, policy, regulation and technology, including government representatives from G20 countries, renowned authorities from international organizations, civil society and academia, and prominent cybersecurity leaders from companies representing a cross-section of industries in the private sector.

“Every day at Equifax, we are vigilant about protecting the data and sensitive information we’re entrusted with by thousands of companies and consumers in more than two dozen countries on multiple continents,” said Farshchi. “In today’s information economy, cybersecurity is a global concern with criminals constantly searching for vulnerabilities in systems and taking advantage of differences in international laws and regulations. We’re proud to support the unifying mission of the Centre and look forward to working with other partners to share best practices, anticipate and recognize potential future threats and create a more secure digital future.”

As one of the largest global consumer credit reporting agencies, Equifax recognizes the importance of collaboration and coordination in protecting consumer data and cybersecurity. In addition to the new partnership with the Centre, the company recently announced an effort with the Better Identity Coalition to find solutions for more secure identity verification beyond the Social Security Number. The company is also leveraging the new organization Atlanta for the Advancement of Security (ATLAS) to build support for a better identity solution. ATLAS is a council dedicated to information sharing and open dialogue between Chief Information Security Officers and currently includes more than 20 Atlanta-based private and public sector organizations.

Source:  Equifax