As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, Equifax is launching a new online support platform called COVID + CREDIT: Financial Resource Center. Recognizing the widespread economic impact of this global pandemic, Equifax has brought together its existing services and capabilities in a single online destination for people to leverage during this challenging time.

In addition, the company continues to explore other actions it can take to better support consumers and businesses during and after the virus outbreak.

“As we continue to see the negative impacts of this pandemic on people’s financial health, Equifax will be there to help people get the information and resources they need to protect their credit and finances,” said Mark W. Begor, Chief Executive Officer of Equifax. “Our purpose at Equifax is to help people live their financial best, and this new COVID-19 digital resource center and free credit reports are just two ways we’re helping people protect their credit and their family’s financial life.”

Equifax Financial Resource Center

Through this new online resource center, people can gain access to articles, podcasts, videos and more to help them in the face of an economic downturn, including:

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