Equifax Launches Industry’s First I-9 Compliance Offering Specifically Designed for E-Commerce Environment

Equifax has announced the release of the industry’s first I-9 management service designed specifically as an e-commerce platform, and with small and midsize business (SMB) owners in mind. For years, large enterprise businesses have put their trust in the market-leading I-9 ManagementⓇ solution from Equifax. Now with the e-commerce launch of its I-9 Starter and I-9 Standard packages, Equifax makes it easier than ever for businesses of any size to manage their Form I-9 requirements.

A long-time provider of an award-winning I-9 Management service, Equifax has delivered a simpler, more seamless path to better Form I-9 management for thousands of organizations.

‘With our move to the cloud and transformation of our technology infrastructure, we’re able to move quickly to help democratize our enterprise software, like the I-9 Management suite, and make it available in new ways, like e-commerce, for organizations of all sizes,’ commented Maria Hayes, vice president for Digital Strategy at Equifax Workforce Solutions. ‘As businesses continue to move into their new digital realities, we’re working to deliver the user experience and data that can help streamline the employer and employee experience.’

Dealing with compliance is often why small companies seek external HR expertise or hire their first HR professional. The Form I-9 is only three pages, but there are hundreds of instructions and guidance on how to complete it, and every business can be audited by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Minor Form I-9 mistakes can add up to major fines. Managed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), immigration compliance guidelines also change with some frequency which complicates the processes for employers and HR practitioners. The newly redesigned I-9 Management services from Equifax can help SMB owners and those performing HR functions reclaim their time, onboard new hires with more confidence and better protect their bottom line.

Some of the features of the I-9 service available through the e-commerce channel include:

  • Easy set-up: Designed with an e-commerce framework, employers can quickly purchase and activate the Equifax I-9 Management suite based on their hiring needs. Organizations will also be able to choose the integrated E-Verify process and I-9 Anywhere® functionality.
  • Guided navigation: Built-in guidance, updated as DHS issues new requirements, allows employers and employees to quickly navigate sections of the Form I-9 and helps explain how to more accurately complete it with greater ease and from any device.
  • Audit primed – Completed Forms I-9 are centrally and electronically stored and organized in the event of an ICE audit.

The new I-9 Management packages will be available by subscription to help businesses of any size better meet compliance requirements and streamline I-9 processes. With an automated I-9 platform, organizations can have more confidence in their onboarding and Forms I-9 compliance, and deliver a better onboarding experience for the new hire.

To learn more about the entire suite of I-9 services from Equifax, visit workforce.equifax.com/solutions/i-9management

Source:  Equifax