Deeper insights, more accurate predictions and actionable results

Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX) today announced the next generation of big data solutions: Equifax Ignite™ + InterConnect®. This enhanced solution creates an integrated experience that helps Equifax customers make smarter, faster decisions with unique data.

Current InterConnect customers will have access to the power of Equifax Ignite, and all of the added value it brings to a business. Using Equifax Ignite + InterConnect, clients can complete the tasks they care about most: accessing data, linking data, generating insights, deploying insights, and managing decisions – all in one location. Equifax Ignite + InterConnect is built using advanced analytic tools that work together and create a seamless integrated solution that enables customers to develop, execute and monitor business strategies.

“We’re making it easier for clients across the globe to use one solution for all of their decisioning needs,” said Prasanna Dhore, Chief Data & Analytics Officer for Equifax. “Equifax Ignite + Interconnect brings intelligence to decisioning through advanced analytics – one solution where our clients can gather, analyze and make decisions based on data.”

This solution includes five main functions that enable decision making – data access, keying and linking, insights generation, insights deployment, and decision management.

  • Access Data: Clients can gather data through multiple sources, such as Equifax data, customer data and third-party data. This gives customers faster access to the most predictive and differentiated data on the market today.
  • Link Data: Proprietary keying and linking technology links disparate data across multiple sources to show a more complete picture of consumers and businesses.
  • Generate Insights: Rapidly create explainable and more predictive insights using Equifax-developed machine learning and modeling automation capabilities, including NeuroDecision® Technologyand Advanced Model Engine.
  • Deploy Insights: Ensure that the most predictive insights make a difference quickly by deploying attributes and models to production in as little as 30 days using the Equifax proprietary cloud-based decision management platform, InterConnect.
  • Manage Decisions: Monitor and refine attributes, models and strategies by understanding expected impact during development and continuously comparing to actual results, with the ability to quickly update insights and decision strategies.

Equifax Ignite + InterConnect is just the latest development from the Equifax Data & Analytics Lab, which is leading innovations in predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Other recent innovations include Peak Attributes,  Advanced Model Engine and NeuroDecision® Technology. From machine learning to natural language processing, Equifax is exploring how to harness these techniques in order to improve lending decisions, bring new consumers into credit markets, and help lenders identify fraudulent activity.

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Source:  Equifax Inc.