Powerful Data, Technology and Analytical Expertise Combined to Solve Multi-channel Marketing Challenges

Equifax Inc. unveiled its next-generation Data-driven Marketing capabilities, designed to help brands conquer the challenges preventing them from realizing their data-driven marketing goals.

As marketers across all industries become increasingly reliant on “big data” to help them identify the most profitable customers and prospects and create great experiences, it’s clear that marketers need additional help to harness the promise of data-driven marketing. A majority — 96% — of marketers report their organizations are attempting to make more central use of customer data, but only 29% are seeing results, according to the IAB’s “The Data-Centric Organization” whitepaper from September, 2016.

Data-driven Marketing integrates and enhances the marketing services that Equifax provides. These include credit marketing, IXI Services’ wealth-based marketing insights, and digital marketing. This unification enables Equifax to more holistically solve the key challenges that marketing executives face.

Leveraging our track record as a trusted data steward and widely-recognized strengths in household economic data, identity and data linking, analytics and technology, Equifax helps brands:

  • Create a single, actionable customer view across data silos and channels;
  • Turn data into an understanding of customer needs and growth opportunities;
  • Engage customers consistently across channels; and
  • Measure results to continuously improve performance and marketing ROI.

“Few marketers have cracked the code on data-driven marketing,” said Mykolas Rambus, general manager, Data-driven Marketing, Equifax. “We provide marketers with greater confidence through our trusted reputation, deep household economic insights, and continual innovation. In the coming months, we’ll continue to expand with further products and strategic partnerships that will help our clients deliver optimal multi-channel customer experiences with the right customers.”

Source: Equifax Press Release