Equifax 500Equifax Workforce Solutions, a leader in human resource, analytics and verification services, and a business unit of Equifax announced the launch of its State Compliance Solution. 

Compliance solutions is a flexible, secure and central portal to help employers electronically manage critical state-specific compliance needs for new hires. Delivered through the company’s Compliance Center, this new offering enables employers to reduce cost and risk by simplifying their processes as they strive to comply with the various state employment laws.

As the number of state employment laws continues to grow, so do the number of notification forms employers must distribute, have signed by new employees and retain. This can present a challenge for employers, especially those operating in multiple states, who can be overwhelmed by the number of forms they must manage or are unaware of the evolving state-level notification requirements impacting areas including wages, sick leave, commission contracts and more. They must not only keep up with changing requirements, but also be able to interpret the regulations and distribute the appropriate forms to disparate locations – something that is typically a time-consuming process. As state compliance forms are usually excluded from electronic onboarding solutions, companies are often unable to achieve a fully paperless process. However, failure to comply can lead to administrative scrutiny, investigations and even class action law suits.

To address these challenges and help companies better manage the onboarding process, Equifax Workforce Solutions introduces its State Compliance Solution. Through this flexible, secure and centralized portal for managing state-specific compliance needs electronically, employers can implement an automated approach to complete state new hire notifications and create a more efficient onboarding process for the company and its new hires.

Source: Equifax Press Release.  To read the full story click on this link.