Equifax Workforce Solutions Offers Compliance Center Advanced to Help Employers with Remote Hiring and Rehires

Service helps guide Form I-9 requirements for rehires and remote onboarding, as well as many state new hire forms and Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) screening.

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is reporting initial increases for hiring in March, Equifax (NYSE: EFX) offers Compliance Center Advanced, designed to assist employers with many of the nuances involved in rehiring and remote hiring. More employers have embraced remote hiring practices and as the economy recovers organizations are looking to rehire employees that were let go as part of the downturn associated with the pandemic. The Compliance Center platform from Equifax Workforce Solutions packages and helps deliver a more streamlined service for onboarding paperwork that includes the I-9 Management service with the I-9 Anywhere® nationwide network of local completers, with options to add on state form compliance processes to help accommodate new and remote hires as well as Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) screening for job applicants.

Organizations looking to optimize revenue in 2021 will appreciate the ease with which the WOTC solution helps facilitate screening and aligning new hire qualifications with the requirements for the available tax credits. One of the10 targeted groups for WOTC is hiring long term unemployed, according to the IRS, defined as “one who has been unemployed for not less than 27 consecutive weeks at the time of hiring and received unemployment compensation during some or all or the unemployment period.” The BLS March Employment Situation Summary showed that nearly a quarter of all unemployed workers in the U.S. have been out of work for at least a year. This means, as hiring recovers, that many new hires may qualify for WOTC, so screening is an important part of hiring post-pandemic to help ensure employers qualify and apply for the tax credits that they are eligible for.

Rehiring former employees also has implications for completing the required Form I-9, the I-9 Management service is built into Compliance Center Advanced and includes prompts that can help direct employers and rehires to Section 3, instead of Section 2, if the employee is rehired within 3 years of the date that Form I-9 was originally completed.

In addition to their own onboarding packages, employers may add the State Onboarding Compliance service to the Compliance Center bundle, helping remove some of the burden of the state new hire notification requirements that vary from state to state. For companies with businesses that cross state lines, or that are hiring remote out of state employees, having a more automated hiring package that assembles and connects to many state guidelines is a convenient way to help employers remain aligned with unfamiliar and frequently changing new hire notification requirements.

For more information about the Compliance Center platform, please visit here.

Source:  Equifax Press Release