Equifax 500

MobilityPlus allows consumers to capture a photo of their ID on their smartphone or tablet to assist in auto-filling significant portions of their application, and in a matter of seconds, it performs a search-match analysis to help authenticate the consumer’s identity, and determine whether the device in use may be associated with fraudulent activity. These processes pull in leading, knowledge-based identity questions and automated OFAC screening.

Banks can also potentially grow cross-sell by utilizing the MobilityPlus instant prescreen capability – which is fueled by Equifax data and proprietary alternative payment information – to give more insight into applicants’ financial history. This can be used at the point-of-sale to generate new DDA openings, or to cross-sell more credit cards or consumer loan products.

Equifax is demonstrating a prototype of MobilityPlus at Booth #36 at CBA Live. Additionally, Zoot executives will be available at Booth #54 to provide demos of the solution.

About Zoot: Bozeman, Mont.-based Zoot Enterprises, Inc. is a global provider of advanced origination, acquisition, and decision management solutions. For 25 years the company’s innovative tools and services model has enabled Zoot clients to meet their exact business objectives and adapt quickly to seize market opportunities. Zoot’s multinational processing environment has the capacity to deliver billions of real time decisions annually.

Source:  TWST.com