Statement from Equifax inc. regarding Fair Isaac Corp. lawsuit against VantageXcore LLC and the three national consumer credit reporting companies

 Equifax believes that Fair Isaac’s lawsuit is without merit and the company plans to vigorously defend itself and VantageScore Solutions LLC. We anticipated that Fair Isaac would consider litigation in an attempt to slow customer adoption of VantageScore.  The creation of VantageScore is a direct result of customer demand for a more consistent, objective and better performing approach to credit scoring across all three national credit reporting companies. Contrary to Fair Isaac’s claims, VantageScore in fact increases competition in the marketplace, and provides credit grantors and consumers with more choice, not less. Equifax has received extremely positive feedback from its customers who believe that VantageScore offers a more consistent and better performing scoring system that will be a great benefit to the credit system as well as to consumers. Source: Equifax Website:  ATLANTA, October 12, 2006 – Equifax Media Contact: David Rubinger +1 404-885-8555 [See BIIA NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 06 – Page 6]

BIIA Newsletter November – 2006 Issue