Experian® announced that Eric Haller will be the executive vice president of Experian DataLabs.   Designed to help Experian clients and businesses throughout the world, Experian DataLabs will solve strategic marketing and risk-management problems through an advanced data analysis process, research and development.

Experian DataLabs operate in a compliant, safe and secure environment for both internal and collaborative research to take place.  Nearly a petabyte of data storage is provisioned by Experian in the United States to support research and development activities.  The environment allows for multiple Big Data projects to occur simultaneously. “Given Experian DataLabs’ success in North America, we’re investing in global expansion with two more labs being built in London and São Paulo, Brazil,” said Kerry Williams, deputy chief operating officer at Experian.  “Under Eric’s leadership, Experian DataLabs will help our clients harness data and analytics to provide insights needed to make better decisions, create value and deliver that value to customers.”

Source:  Experian Press Release