Mike BradfordBIIA expert on privacy and date protection, Mike Bradford offers critical insights on EU reforms.  Specifically he mentions the United Kingdom Information Commissioner’s views on the EU reforms.

  • Preparing for EU reform:  The UK Information Commissioner (ICO)  has commented on the progress of EU reform stating that negotiations are going to plan and that we should be well aware of what is in the Regulation by the end of the year. The ICO’s prediction is that the Regulation will be in force from June 2018 although possibly later in 2018.
  • EU DP Trilogue negotiations:  The UK  ICO has commented on the EU Trilogue discussions which will continue to run until December. Reports of the sessions currently run suggest the outcome is positive and efforts are being made to reach a compromise in respect of the draft texts issued by the EU Commission, Parliament and Council.
  • ICO analysis of the Data Protection Regulation: The ICO has issued some detailed analysis of the proposed Data Protection Regulation to reflect its observations on areas where it believes the most improvement is required.

We recommend to read the full report: Newsletter – August 2015Regulatory Strategies

Source:  Regulatory Strategies