Regulatory StrategiesRegulatory Strategies is seeing an increased awareness in clients looking to assess their current data protection compliance position and look at a gap analysis between where they are now and where they will need to be under the new EU data protection regulation.

To help with this regard Regulatory Strategies have developed two new tools:

  1. An update to our ‘Health-check’ product which complements the new Information Commissioner’s Office self-assessment toolkit.  Regulatory Strategies ‘Health-check’ now involves an in-depth client review across the following the requirements of the Data Protection Act:
    1. Data Protection Assurance
    2. Records Management
    3. Information Security
    4. Data sharing and subject access
    5. Direct marketing

Based on responses to a series of questions and discussions, we will generate a bespoke compliance report with actions, responsibilities and timescales dependent on the client’s specific requirements.

  1. An assessment tool which identifies the major new requirements under the EU data protection regulation and how these apply to specific client circumstances.This is particularly useful now as the new regulation has a number of significant changes, for example to consent requirements and processing children’s data which mean that it is important to meet these higher standards now to ensure that no cross and up-sell opportunities are lost going forward with unusable data.Also many clients acting as data processor or data controller will already be in contractual relationships which will extend into the new regulations and thought should be given to indemnity and liability clauses due to the joint and several liability of both data controller and data processor under the new regime.We expect to see data processors looking for significant changes to contracts to cover what for them is a direct liability under the regulation.

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