On January 8th the 6-month long Presidency of the EU has been assumed by the Hellenic Republic.   A work plan has been prepared and it contains a statement on Cyber Security:

“Cyber Security is an important component of Europe’s Common Security and Defence Policy and an issue of increasing international interest. Critical infrastructures –ranging from banking and finance, power grids, transportation and telecommunications networks, up to national defence and security– are nowadays heavily dependent on the use of Information Technologies. The contemporary threats that exist in cyber space should be confronted through the cooperation of all sectors of society (public, private, government, academia), in both a proactive as well as a reactive way. Whatever the action taken, it requires the implementation of interoperable technologies and procedures.

Against this background and in order to highlight the importance of the issue, the Hellenic Presidency intends to conduct specific and tailor-made inter-ministerial activities which will cover both the strategic-conceptual and the operational-tactical levels of this domain.”

To access the document click on this link: EL Presidency Work Plan

Source:  European Union Program for the Hellenic Presidency