Data Protection: The European Parliament is heavily discussing the data protection regulation;  IMCO members have laid down more than 400 amendments to the report from Lara Comi and ITRE members also held a very intense exchange of views on the Kelly report at the end of November.  Whereas ITRE and IMCO seem to favour amore pragmatic approach on consent, on pseudonymisation and on the right to be forgotten, Marielle Gallo also unveiled her draft report for the JURI Committee, which calls for explicit consent and strengthened responsibility of the data controller. In parallel, the Council is still very heavily discussing the regulation through the DAPIX working group meetings and it is difficult for the moment to get to a consensus across delegations. One sure thing is that both MEPs and the Member States would like to diminish the powers of the Commission on the data protection issue, mainly with a deletion of many of the delegated acts proposed in the regulation.

Public Sector Information: A consensus is also difficult to find on the charging issue and on the format and weight that the independent authority should have on PSI re-use. The European Parliament however managed to vote on the Kalfin report on 28 November and is now aiming at a plenary vote early 2013.

Misleading Business Practices and Fraud: Furthermore, the European Commission just released a Communication on misleading business practices which aims at blacklisting misleading scams such as bogus directories and wants to enhance better cross-border enforcement against scammers. This will be good to fight against misleading directory publishers who endanger the reputation of the sector.

Courtesy of Stephanie Verilhac, EASDP EU Affairs Officer  (European Association of Search and Database Publishing)

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