The revision of the PSI Directive is one of the key actions of the Digital Agenda for Europe.  Governments can stimulate content markets by making public sector information available on transparent, effective and non-discriminatory terms. As demonstrated by a number of studies analysing the sector (e.g. the 2008 Cambridge Study or the 2011 review by G. Vickery), Public data is an important source of growth of innovative online services.  The re-use of public information resources has been partly harmonised by the PSI Directive adopted in 2003 and revised in June 2013 to address the remaining barriers to re-use.

Difficulties and uncertainties surrounding compliance with the licensing and charging provisions were identified as one of the main obstacles to PSI re-use as they curb both the release of data by public bodies and the actual re-use. The revised PSI Directive therefore calls on the European Commission to assist the Member States in implementing the Directive in a consistent way by issuing guidelines on recommended standard licenses, data sets and charging for the re-use of documents. The intention is to bring about a more uniform set of practices across the EU, which are necessary for the development of cross-border information products and services based on public sector information.

The objective of the consultation is therefore to seek the views of stakeholders on specific issues to be addressed in the 3 sets of guidelines. Where appropriate, the guidelines will take into account and build on the existing experiences and good practices in the Member States where they may help to achieve the cross border dimension of PSI re-use. Interested parties can contribute until 22 November 2013, and with their input help ensure effective implementation of the newly revised PSI Directive, which aims to ensure public authorities release more information at little or no cost to users.

There will be a hearing on 13 November 2013, BECH Building (Eurostat), Quetelet conference room 5, rue A. Weicker, L-2721 LUXEMBOURG. For more information on the consultation click on :

Source:  European Association for Search and Database Publishing