Atradius InsolvencyGrowth-EO_Dec_2015Atradius expects insolvencies to remain high despite improving economic growth

Insolvencies in many European economies are expected to remain well above 2007 levels in 2014 and 2015 according to Atradius Credit Insurance N.V.

Economic performances in the US, UK, and Asia are underpinning global growth. The US is experiencing a broad-based economic recovery. As a result, annual business failures in the US have fallen over the past few years. Further improvement in the insolvency rate is not expected in 2015. The UK’s recovery is also gaining ground and business failures are projected to decrease by 3%. Like the US, the level of insolvencies in the UK, are expected to plateau in 2015. Insolvency rates in the US and UK remain 5% and 16% higher than in 2007.

Source: Atradius