Organic growth in the USA and the United Kingdom was affected by the slowdown in the mortgage market.  Overall growth was double digit due to a strong acquisitions program.  Experian acquired a number of businesses in the period ending September 30th, 2007 spending a total of 1.7bn.  In addition to the majority stake in Serasa, Experian acquired Hitwise; Infomarketing; Tallyman; Emailing Solutions; The pH group and 4N Solutions.  Experian agreed to sell Loyalty Solutions, a German point-of sale network provider.
Six Months ending September 30th 2007 Total Growth %At actual exchange rates Total Growth %At constant exchange rates Organic Growth %At constant exchange rates
North America  6% 6% 5%
Latin America  4,438% 5,066% 46%
UK and Ireland 18% 9% 5%
EMEA/Asia Pacific 21% 14% 8%
EXPERIAN 17% 14% 6%

Source: Experian Press Releases

BIIA Newsletter October – 2007 Issue