Costa Mesa, Calif., July 20, 2009 — Experian®, announced the adoption by Forex Capital Markets of Experian Universal ID Check, an authentication service designed to counter the threat of identity fraud and money laundering across a range of countries, helping organizations address identity risk and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

Experian Universal ID Check is quick and accurate. Via an Experian Web user interface or XML implementation, clients select the country associated with the applicant’s current residence. The screens then provide the appropriate formatting of the name, address and telephone number associated with that country. In addition to these identity elements, users also may initiate checks associated with passport details, bank account data, IP address geolocation, or a series of relevant sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons watch lists. The applicant is then authenticated, and both summary- and detail-level record results are returned.  For more information, visit  Source: Experian Press Release

BIIA Newsletter September 2009 Issue