Credit Freeze Flaw May Have Revealed Your PIN to Fraudsters

According to various press reports, Experian’s process to retrieve a PIN that safeguards a frozen Experian credit report had a security defect, making it easier for a fraudster to potentially get the PIN, unfreeze the report and open new accounts in someone else’s name.  NerdWallet first reported on the flaw after one of its readers alerted the personal finance website.

Experian has since addressed the issue, the company said.  however the company has not said how long the defect was in place or whether it will issue new PINs.

“While we are confident that our authentication is secure and no credit files are at risk, we have taken additional steps to make the process more secure,” the company said in a statement. “We continue to regularly monitor our systems, taking immediate action when warranted to strengthen data security.”

Source: USA Today