New integration provides lenders with access to more than 120 million consumer permissioned payroll accounts

In a move that will empower consumers while enabling lenders to seamlessly verify the income and employment status of more borrowers, Experian® has introduced new verification capabilities that can connect lenders to over 120 million consumer permissioned payroll accounts. By leveraging technology from Citadel API, Experian is bolstering its existing suite of digital verification solutions to provide lenders with access to permissioned payroll records from more than 40 of the top payroll providers across the United States.

Experian’s new partnership with Citadel API allows consumers to quickly permission access to their payroll accounts when applying for a loan, mortgage or employment by authorizing use of their payroll provider login credentials. Using this consumer permissioned data, Experian will deliver a verified income and employment report back to the lender or verifier.

Adding consumer permissioned access to payroll data to Experian’s Verification of Income and Employment suite of services is the next step in Experian’s long-term commitment to expanding its consumer permissioned verification capabilities. Experian’s first consumer permissioned solution, Experian AccountView™ was introduced in 2016 and continues to receive strong interest and adoption from lenders. Experian AccountView leverages permissioned bank data to help lenders quickly verify income, employment and assets.

Both consumer permissioned offerings as well as Experian Verify™ – Experian’s real-time income and employment solution – give lenders maximum coverage options for verifying income and employment so they can avoid complex and costly manual processes. Experian Verify provides lenders, employment screeners and government verifiers instant access to millions of active payroll records from Experian’s growing network of exclusive employer records. The solution launched earlier this spring and has already become one of Experian’s most successful product adoptions.

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About Citadel API

Citadel API, a fast growing payroll API company, allows consumers to verify income and employment easily and with their consent by leveraging their payroll accounts to extract the necessary data for verification and sending the data back to the company that requested the verification.

The Citadel API team includes engineers, product managers and business operations leads who built and launched products at Apple, Uber, Facebook, Carta, Venmo and Telegram. Citadel’s investors include Abstract, Lachy Groom, Fathom Capital, Soma VC, and a number of individual investors.

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Source:  Experian Press Release