experianUnited Kingdom:  In 2015 Experian trained hundreds of debt advisers and gave free credit reports to support more than 55,000 debt counselling sessions

Experian delivered expert credit training to almost 900 debt advisers across the UK in 2015, helping advisers and counsellors guide thousands of people to a better financial future.   Over the course of the year Experian also gave more than 55,000 free credit reports to people seeking help from debt advice charities, via a dedicated service set up to support free debt advice. These reports helped inform debt-counselling sessions and enabled advisers to submit accurate debt-resolution proposals, for example to creditors or to the Insolvency Service.

Unmanageable debt remains a significant challenge for millions of people around the UK. Fifteen million people (31% of the adult population) have one or more signs of financial distress and up to 8.8 million people are over-indebted*.

Experian’s year-long debt advice outreach programme incorporated debt adviser training events right around the UK, such as in Glasgow, Plymouth, Durham, Dorking, Belfast and Cardiff, and reached almost 900 advisers in 2015. This included a series of 14 debt advice ‘spring seminars’ organised by debt solutions experts Grant Thornton (recently renamed Aperture). It’s estimated that a full time face-to-face debt adviser might typically help around 400 clients per year.

The Money Advice Trust, which runs the popular National Debtline, Business Debtline and Wiseradviser services, was able to help more than a million people regain control of their finances in 2015. Experian provides ongoing financial support to the Trust and, in 2015, also analysed debt advice clients using Experian’s Mosaic classification tool. This analysis is now helping the Trust improve and widen the important support it provides to people.  To read the full report click on the link below.

Source: Experian Press Release