Addition of Danal’s mobile identity platform to Experian’s suite of identity products helps businesses better protect people’s information

To continue to grow its suite of identity solutions, Experian announced a strategic financial partnership with Danal, a mobile phone identity and authentication platform. The two companies closed a preliminary strategic investment round. 

As part of the investment, Experian will combine elements of Danal’s Mobile Identity Platform within its CrossCore® platform to deliver a more comprehensive identity offering to the global market, enabling businesses to better authenticate identities and protect people’s information.
“Our primary focus has always, and will always be on helping businesses use data to better detect and prevent fraud,” said Steve Platt, Experian’s Group President of Decision Analytics and Data Quality. “The use of mobile phone information provides businesses with an additional layer of data to distinguish between legitimate customers and criminals. And that means added safety and protection for customer information.”
Danal’s Mobile Identity Platform leverages data, such as phone number, real-time mobile device/network attributes and most recent subscriber information, from mobile network operators and other authoritative sources, to authenticate and verify customer transactions with zero interruptions. Alongside Experian’s CrossCore platform, the addition of Danal’s mobile identity platform allows businesses to use multiple strategies to verify and protect consumer identities.

“Experian is a global leader in credit reporting and information services. Working closely with them is a win for enterprises and consumers,” said Jim Greenwell, CEO of Danal. “There is a natural synergy between the world’s largest information services company and the world’s leading mobile identity platform.”
 Learn more by visiting Experian’s CrossCore platform.

Size of investment was not disclosed.

About: Danal, Inc. is the premier global provider of mobile identity and authentication solutions driven by unique real-time connections to mobile operator networks and data. Danal’s patented technology solves for multiple use cases across various industry verticals such as financial institution, healthcare, marketplaces, e-commerce, hospitality, etc. The supported use cases range from solving for compliance (GDPR, KYC, AML, TCPA, etc.), Identity proofing (computer vision, video streaming, biometrics and machine learning) during registration, high-value transactions and access control plus user experience improvements (auto form-fill, instant enrollment, guest check-out, etc.) and fraud prevention (account takeover, SIM fraud, device spoofing, malwares, etc.). Danal, Inc. is a privately held US company whose investors include Discover Financial Services, Morgenthaler Group, Orange Telecom, Bangkok Bank and Danal Co, Ltd.

Source:  Experian Press Release