SExperian kicks off National Financial Literacy Month with new app and a study that demonstrates that users of financial mobile apps have a deeper understanding of the factors that help or hurt their credit

Experian® announced the release of its mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The app empowers Experian Credit TrackerSM members to interact with their credit, including their FICO® Scores based on Experian data, in new ways so they can make more informed financial decisions.  A new survey, released today, shows that nearly half of all consumers (46 percent) use financial apps, and they feel that these apps make them more confident and more in control of their financial health.

The app is for existing Experian Credit Tracker members in the United States, and it lets them quickly access their Experian Credit Reports and FICO Scores and monitor their credit. Members also receive push notifications when key updates to their credit report are detected. Key app features include the following:

Credit Report

  • App users can view their fullExperian Credit Report, seeing the same kind of information that banks see — including credit accounts, inquiries and public records
  • The member’s Experian Credit Report is updated automatically every day upon sign in

FICO® Score

  • A member can see his or her current FICO® Credit Score, track FICO® Score changes over time and see the key areas that influence it. FICO® Scores are used in 90 percent of credit decisions.
  • Score Factors tell members which of their financial behaviors are helping and hurting their FICO Scores.

The member’s FICO® Score, based on Experian data, is updated automatically every day upon sign in.

Credit Monitoring and Alerts

  • Experian monitors changes to members’ credit profiles, such as when a new credit account is opened, an address change is reported or an inquiry appears on their credit reports
  • When these changes occur, Experian sends members push notifications so they can view them on their devices, allowing members to respond quickly
    As data breaches become increasingly more common, monitoring and accessing credit information through a secure app is an essential component in the fight against identity theft

Credit at a Glance 

  • The Dashboard provides a snapshot of members’ most recent credit health and trends
  • A Credit Summary shows members the five key elements that make up their FICO® Scores based on their Experian Credit Reports

Key survey findings include: 

  • Financial information on the go: Most mobile device owners (60 percent) access financial information on their smartphone or tablet
  • Why users download: More than half of consumers have downloaded a financial app; top motivators are checking balances, monitoring accounts and managing day-to-day finances
  • App usage: Many consumers (46 percent) use financial apps, and they feel that these apps make them more confident and more in control of their financial health
  • App users feel empowered: The majority of financial app users (80 percent) say that they feel more confident about their financial situation since they started using financial mobile apps
  • App users are in the know: Consumers who use financial apps are more likely than those who do not to know their credit scores (76 percent compared with 56 percent)

For complete survey details, please visit Experian

experianAbout Experian Consumer Services
The Experian Consumer Services division provides credit monitoring and other informational products, such as identity protection, to millions of consumers via the Internet. The organization enables consumers to monitor their credit reports online, check their FICO® Scores and protect against identity theft. Its products include Experian Credit TrackerSM and ProtectMyID®.

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Source: Experian