Experian’s New Online Dispute Center Helps Consumers Correct Issues with Their Credit Reports Easily and Conveniently.  Consumers are now empowered to help maintain the accuracy of their data, optimize their credit health, prevent identity fraud and avoid costly credit repair fees.

For consumers in today’s digital world, data accuracy and protection are top of mind. The newly enhanced Experian dispute center is a powerful, convenient and easy-to-use tool designed to help consumers dispute, and ultimately correct, any misinformation on their Experian credit reports.

Some consumers opt to pay credit repair companies to submit requested corrections on their behalf. The Experian dispute centerhelps consumers avoid that scenario by providing access — via a computer or smart device — to an online portal where they can quickly discover inaccurate information on their Experian credit report, dispute it and request its removal, at no cost. Disputing possible inaccuracies through Experian also keeps consumers engaged in the process, rather than relying on third parties that sometimes promise results they can’t deliver, such as drastically improving credit scores.

Using the Experian dispute center (http://www.experian.com/disputes), consumers can:

  • Get their Experian credit report
  • Follow contextual links designed to help them better understand and access various sections of their report
  • Upload photos of supporting materials directly from their smartphone
  • Receive timely alerts updating them on the current status of their active disputes
  • Sort and the accounts listed on their credit report by alphabetical order, date opened or status, and filter by categories such as collections or installment loans

“Consumers can access their free online Experian credit report* from the Experian dispute center and select items to dispute right from the same screen,” said Michelle Felice-Steele, senior director of Product view Management at Experian. “These are some of the enhancements we’ve made in response to consumer feedback, and we’ll continue to improve and collaborate with consumers as they pursue their financial goals.”

Source: Experian Press Release