Experian Marketing Services and Temelio, specialist of CRM data onboarding in France, sign a technological partnership to better qualify digital audiences thanks to the Mosaic segmentation.

Proposed by Experian in 29 countries, Mosaic segmentation covers more than 26 million households in France and provides accurate insight into their purchasing habits and behaviors.  This classification aggregates many socio-demographic criteria to better understand consumers’ lifestyles and their purchasing behaviours.

This partnership allows Experian to rely on Temelio’s data onboarding technology to make available its offer in the digital ecosystem by linking consumer typologies to digital identifiers (cookies, device IDs).  Marketers can thus rely on this segmentation of reference to qualify anonymous digital audiences according to the Mosaic socio-demographic attributes, and thus communicate more pertinently.

On the other hand, Temelio customers who realize the onboarding of their CRM databases will be able through this integration to find twin or “look-alike” profiles of their best customers from common characteristics identified via segmentation Mosaic.  Advertisers are then able to deploy more powerful campaigns and increase their sales to consumers who are more receptive to their offer.

About Temelio:  Since its creation in 2011, Temelio accompanies advertisers in the reconciliation of their digital and offline data.  Based on a recognized data and technology expertise, the company has developed the first CRM platform onboarding as a service and integrates with all market activation platforms: DMP, DSP, trading desk, Customization tools on-site etc.  Anxious to respect the anonymity and privacy of Internet users, Temelio has integrated the “Privacy by design” approach at the heart of its development: trusted third party platform, hosting and data processing in France anonymously and securely, EDAA certification .  Its onboarding CRM technology is now deployed in agencies and advertisers from many sectors, including media, insurance, tourism, energy, e-commerce, and distribution.

Source: Experian Press Release