New data and insights provide marketers with actionable understanding of how consumers use multiple channels along their purchase journey

Experian Marketing Services, announced a multi-national alliance with Research Now, the global leader in digital data collection.  Together, the two companies have developed custom research capabilities leveraging online behavior measurement of Research Now’s consumer and business panelists and the ability to survey the same individuals. The joint offering allows multichannel marketers to receive valuable self-reported insights about select consumer activities from regular surveys with aggregated and anonymous research about their associated online behavior.

The goal of the team is to apply this innovative approach to provide actionable insights such as understanding customers’ path to purchase by tying online behaviors to surveys that capture offline activities, influences, motivations and purchases.  These insights show where consumers in a brand’s category begin the shopping process, the offers and exposure events that trigger a purchase, the competing products and brands consumers are considering at each phase of the purchase process, and more. By understanding the consumer purchase journey, marketers and their agencies can optimize their engagement and targeting of in-market consumers throughout their purchase journey.

About Research Now:
Research Now, the global leader in digital data collection, powers market research insights.  It enables companies to listen to and interact with the world’s consumers and business professionals through online panels, as well as mobile, digital and social media technologies.   To find out more click on this link:

Source: Experian Press Release