Experian Marketing Services has announced plans to incorporate AdTruth’s device recognition technology within its marketing suite.  This is a significant development for advertisers, publishers, agencies and digital ad tech providers, bridging a gap within the industry by providing more accurate and efficient ad targeting and measurement across mobile, Web, OS and app, all while maintaining user anonymity and consumer privacy.  The announcement follows Experian’s recent acquisition of AdTruth’s parent company, 41st Parameter.

Experian clients will now have access to more accurate and scalable digital advertising effectiveness powered by AdTruth’s device recognition, targeting and measurement capabilities.  AdTruth’s universal device recognition technology bolsters Experian Marketing Services’ ability to help clients reach target audiences across any Web-enabled device. This furthers Experian’s strategy to bring brands and customers closer together by enabling organizations to create more intelligent and personalized online experiences for their digital consumers, resulting in stronger customer loyalty and increased return on investment (ROI).

“Universal, cross-device recognition is rapidly becoming an essential component of digital marketing,” said Michael Meltz, executive vice president, global strategy, Experian Marketing Services. “Marketers and advertisers want more control of when, where and to whom their messages are delivered, and publishers want to demonstrate the true value of their audience. With the addition of AdTruth to our marketing suite, we allow both to reach their audience across devices, leading to enhanced customer engagement and more efficient media spend.”

The AdTruth service launched in 2012 following more than eight years of research and development focused on device recognition.  AdTruth technology is an “on-premise” software install that sits beside the user’s existing technology.  AdTruth joining Experian Marketing Services’ marketing suite enables digital publishers, advertising exchanges and other advertising technology players to recognize devices in a privacy-compliant manner across platforms and devices.  AdTruth can work alongside existing identification technologies to improve accuracy and extend their total addressable audience.  AdTruth has reported an average of 20 percent lift on Web recognition and 200 percent on mobile devices.

“This joint offering is a huge step forward for the industry,” added James Lamberti, vice president, general manager, AdTruth. “Experian Marketing Services is a vital, independent partner to thousands of companies. With AdTruth’s device recognition technology, these partners will see even greater benefits with better data and improved analytics across a much larger portion of their target audience.

Benefits of the AdTruth technology include:

  • Performance tracking — Providing advertisers with a campaign conversation tracking service for better measurement in real time
  • Targeting and retargeting — Enabling advertisers to better target their ads and deliver relevancy based on demographics, past behavior and context for higher ROI
  • Frequency capping — Identifying the frequency at which an advertiser’s audience is exposed to its ads to make smart decisions on capping how many times a user views an ad
  • Data enrichment — Allowing data to flow across the ecosystem and help monetize more ad inventory at higher rates
  • Analytics — Linking more digital activity to recognized devices over a longer period of time improves analytics and media attribution research

Source:  Adoperationsonline.com