Experian (200)Why Privacy Matters in a Data Driven Economy

Experian Marketing Services, a recognized leader in data-driven marketing, released a white paper that assesses the rise of the data-driven economy within the media and advertising industry and the evolution of privacy in that economy.

Quote on privacy ExperianThe growing variety of communication channels and connected devices, when coupled with changing social norms, is adding complexity to the privacy-management process. As industries evolve, data-driven organizations need to look at theoretical frameworks and best-practice guidelines in the context of how customers think and act. How consumers access information, communicate with each other, and buy the goods and services they want will help our society determine what is meaningful without sacrificing innovation in nascent industries such as the “Internet of Things.”

Simply trying to shoehorn privacy safeguards into a product or service after the fact often is insufficient. Marketers, and the technology companies that support them, need to take a mindful, context-based approach to data governance and consumer-privacy management. This is the idea behind a growing concept called “Privacy by Design,” where privacy concepts are specifically “built into” new technologies, data collection devices and analytical tools. This too is an area where data analytics and insights can be used for the greater good.

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