CheetahMail 2012 Q2 email benchmark report shows total open rates increased; 70 percent growth of brands utilizing social features within email campaigns

Experian Marketing Services showed that email volume has increased 10 percent in Q2 2012 versus Q2 2011 according to the Experian® CheetahMail® 2012 Q2 email benchmark report.  Experian CheetahMail also found that total open rates increased 1.5 percent in Q2 2012 versus Q2 2011.  Analyzing the email volume among different industries shows that Travel and Consumer Products and Services emails reported the largest increases, with 41 percent and 19 percent, respectively.  Media and Entertainment emails also reported a double-digit increase (17 percent) in Q2 2012 versus Q2 2011.There was only a 2 percent change in All Industry email volume from Q1 to Q2 in 2012, as all verticals except Travel had less growth from Q1 to Q2 in 2012 than they had for the same time in 2011.

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Source:  Experian Press Release