Here is a tribute by Experian to its young ambassadors in business: Congratulations

Experian says:  “We’re committed to creating a better tomorrow for consumers, clients, our people and our communities. Experian enables life’s biggest moments and ambitions through the confident use of data. We’re unlocking the power of this data to help people access the essentials they need to fulfil their life ambitions.

As the world’s largest credit bureau operator, we have an important role to play in enabling access to finance for millions of people who could otherwise be excluded from mainstream credit and services. We help people prove who they are and build a strong financial track record. Our data and analytics also gives lenders – our clients – the information they need to make fairer, faster decisions for people who are applying for credit.

We deliver our purpose through our core business activities, our social innovation products and solutions, and our corporate responsibility (CR) programme. One of these initiatives is the annual One Young World competition.

One Young World was founded in 2009 with the intent of bringing together young talent from around the world who are passionate about creating social change to address the most pressing issues the world faces. For the sixth year, Experian is proud to support One Young World and every year, we send five ambassadors, one from each of our regions, to attend the summit.

To become a One Young World Experian ambassador, employees were asked to submit a proposal for a new product, partnership or initiative that supports our brand purpose of Creating a Better Tomorrow. The winning submissions, one from each region, were selected to become ambassadors. Over the coming months, they will work with employees across the organisation to bring their ideas to fruition.

Meet the five Experian ambassadors we will be sending to the summit in October and the projects they will be driving throughout the year to create a better tomorrow. Be sure to follow @Experian on Twitter as we’ll be posting live updates from the event in October!

Jessica Childs

Jessica works in the Experian Marketing Services – Product Team in North America. She has worked at Experian for almost two and a half years.

Last October, she went to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to help people upended by the hurricanes. This experience inspired her to think about how Experian can use data to help people who are at the highest financial risk after natural disasters. Her project is made up of two parts: preparing for a disaster and understanding the financial risks posed by natural disasters; and disaster recovery which involves providing tools and resources to be successful after a natural disaster.

“I am so excited to be selected as one of Experian’s 2018 One Young World Ambassadors and to continue my work that I started almost a year ago to help victims of natural disasters who are at the highest financial risk. The amount of natural disasters continues to increase year-over-year and while there has been an incredible outpouring of volunteers and support, there is always more to be done to not only educate those at risk, but also identify victims and help mitigate the inevitable financial repercussions.”

Tanya Kostadinova

Tanya is part of Decision Analytics, based in Bulgaria. She has worked at Experian for a year.

Early this year, Tanya participated in a giving back day, organised by the Experian CSR team in Bulgaria, to paint houses for orphaned children and children in foster care. Inspired by what she saw, her idea involves creating an application for these children to give them the best start in life. The application would include information about their labour and healthcare rights, financial advice, advice on how to find a job, and this information will be presented in simple videos and easy-to-follow quizzes.

“I am very happy and excited to be working on my project. I believe this idea will increase financial education and will help these vulnerable groups of people. In this way, we will create a better tomorrow not only for them but for all of us as society.”

Larissa Alfino

Larissa is part of our Internal Communications team based in Brazil and has been at Experian for a year.

Larissa’s project is called Open Windows, it’s a global project aimed at promoting socioeconomic empowerment for refugees by breaking down social barriers, providing essential advice and helping them to gain access to credit and social services. This information would be served through an app allied with a network of partnership with financial and social institutions for a healthy social integration.

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to be part of Experian’s One Young World Ambassadors and connect with other young leaders to create a better tomorrow. Many refugees are living extremely tough lives and Open Windows would be a simple and affordable way to help financially empower them.”

Laura Thomas

Laura is part of our Community Involvement team in the UK&I and has worked at Experian for almost 18 months.

It’s predicted that there are over 40 million people trapped in modern slavery across the globe and Laura’s idea focuses on how Experian can help find and support these people. The projects aim is to develop the Experian Modern Slavery Assistance Programme – a collection of products that could be used in partnership with anti-slavery charities to identify people being kept in slavery and help rebuild the financial identities of those freed from slavery.

“I am so pleased and excited to have been selected as one of Experian’s One Young World Ambassadors for 2018. It’s an amazing feeling to be chosen and I’m eagerly anticipating all that the summit has to offer.”

Jasmine Rodil

Jasmine is a Product Management Associate in the Credit Services Product Management team, based in Sydney, and has worked with the company for three months.

An estimated 39 million people living in India are pushed into poverty each year because of healthcare expenses (a figure that is expected to rise) and Jasmine wants to do something about it. Her vision is to create a Health and Wellness indicator to improve a person’s ability to afford and access healthcare in India. The project would involve using data to look at the patient’s journey to access healthcare and the issues they face and suggest actions to gain access to quality healthcare and health insurance.

“I am not only grateful to have been selected as one of Experian’s 2018 One Young World Ambassadors but I am proud to be amongst such a talented and amazing cohort of people with the same passion as myself, to drive change.”

Our Ambassadors are currently collating their top takeaways on this year’s One Young World summit in the Netherlands – we’ll be updating this blog with those insights very soon so make sure you come back to have a read about their experience

Source: Experian