Experian Named the 2017 Javelin Strategy & Research Best Overall Identity Proving Platform for CrossCore™  –  The platform was recognized as the leader for its flexibility and comprehensive identity verification and authentication capabilities

Experian was named the best overall identity proofing platform by Javelin Strategy & Research for its technology-sharing platform, CrossCore. Javelin’s inaugural edition of the 2017 Identity Proofing Platform Scorecard gives financial institutions and other identity-reliant businesses a view into the identity proofing vendor landscape.

“Experian’s identity proofing platform is a strong performer in every category of Javelin’s FIT model. Based on our research, it is extremely functional, innovative and can be tailored to the diverse needs of clients,” said Al Pascual, Research Director and Head of the Fraud & Security Practice at Javelin Strategy & Research. “The comprehensive nature of CrossCore is why Javelin rated it as the best overall identity proofing platform.”

The report noted how CrossCore can help businesses detect fraud through multiple channels, as well as its combination of conventional and emerging identity verification and authentication capabilities.

“The Javelin report highlights how traditional identity verification has become obsolete. As an industry, we need to take a new approach to fraud prevention and tailor our strategies to the specific risks in any given scenario,” said Kathleen Peters, global senior vice president, product management, Fraud and Identity, at Experian. “Protecting customers is a priority for our clients — and for us. Across Experian, we have a range of capabilities to help businesses manage identity proofing, and CrossCore brings them all together.”

The 2017 Identity Proofing Platform Scorecard examines the identity proofing landscape with an aim to assess vendors’ current capabilities against modern fraud threats. The report looks at 23 vendors and scores them based on Javelin’s Functional, Innovative, Tailored (FIT) model. In addition to best overall identity proofing platform, CrossCore also was named a leader in the function category and a contender in the innovative and tailored categories.

CrossCore is the industry’s first vendor-agnostic platform designed to identify fraud more quickly, improve compliance and enhance the customer experience. The platform lets companies connect multiple fraud prevention tools, whether from Experian or a third party, to implement a layered approach to managing risk. CrossCore includes powerful workflow and strategy design capabilities that allow fraud and compliance teams to create and adapt strategies rapidly based on evolving threats and business needs.

Since CrossCore launched last year, partner capabilities such as behavioral biometrics, device intelligence, regulatory compliance, synthetic identity checking and document verification have been added to the platform. Many of these partners were included in Javelin’s report. CrossCore is used by companies around the world that are looking for a faster, more flexible way to confidently respond to modern fraud threats.

Learn more about CrossCore at http://www.experian.com/decision-analytics/identity-and-fraud/javelin-identity-proofing-2017.html

Source: Experian Press Release