Experian plc, the global information services company, has issued an update on trading for the three months ended 31 December 2022.

Brian Cassin, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

“We delivered a good performance in Q3, in line with our expectations, driven by new products, new business wins and consumer expansion. At constant exchange rates, organic revenue growth was 6% and total revenue growth was 7%. After the impact of foreign exchange rates total revenue growth was 4%.

“While pressures in the global economy are likely to continue for some time, we expect to remain resilient, supported by the delivery of our growth strategy and growth in countercyclical revenue streams. For the full year our expectations are unchanged, for organic revenue growth of between 7-9%, total revenue growth of between 8-10% and modest margin accretion, all at constant exchange rates and on an ongoing basis.”

% change in revenue from ongoing activities year-on-year for the three months ended 31 December 2022

Ongoing activities only Total

revenue growth %


revenue growth %


revenue growth %

  At actual

exchange rates1

At constant

exchange rates

At constant

exchange rates

North America 5 5 5
Latin America 21 17 16
UK and Ireland (7) 6 6
EMEA/Asia Pacific (10) 1 1
Total global 4 7 6

1 Experian reports in US dollars.

Organic revenue growth %2 Data Decisioning B2B3 Consumer Services Total
North America 2 5 2 9 5
Latin America 10 14 11 40 16
UK and Ireland 7 15 10 (8) 6
EMEA/Asia Pacific (3) 16 1 n/a 1
Total global 3 9 5 10 6

2 Ongoing activities only, at constant exchange rates.

3 B2B = Business-to-Business segment which consists of Data and Decisioning business sub-divisions.

Business mix including % change in organic revenue year-on-year for the three months ended 31 December 2022

Segment Business unit % of Group


Q3 organic

revenue growth %5

North America 68% 5%
  Data CI / BI Bureaux 25% (2)%
   – CI / BI Bureaux, excluding mortgage 22% 5%
   – Mortgage 3% (42)%
Automotive 5% 7%
Targeting 3% 14%
  Decisioning Health 8% 4%
DA / Other 4% 7%
  Consumer Services Consumer Services 23% 9%
Latin America 14% 16%
  Data CI / BI Bureaux 9% 11%
Other 0% (3)%
  Decisioning DA / Other 3% 14%
  Consumer Services Consumer Services 2% 40%
UK and Ireland 12% 6%
  Data CI / BI Bureaux 5% 7%
Targeting / Auto 1% 9%
  Decisioning DA / Other 3% 15%
  Consumer Services Consumer Services 3% (8)%
EMEA/Asia Pacific 6% 1%
Total global 100% 6%

4 Percentage of Group revenue from ongoing activities calculated based on H1 FY23 revenue at actual exchange rates.

5 Ongoing activities only, at constant exchange rates.

CI = Consumer Information, BI = Business Information, DA = Decision Analytics.

North America – 68% of Group revenue4

North America delivered organic and total revenue growth of 5%.

B2B organic revenue growth was 2% reflecting good progress on new products, partially offset by mortgage decline and strong prior-year comparables in short term lending and health. While some clients have further tightened credit criteria, consumer and business information contributed favourably, excluding mortgage, and as we lapped last year’s strong holiday season.  Experian Ascend contributed strongly, securing new client wins, and we continue to make good progress across decisioning software, analytics and fraud and identity management. Verification services also performed strongly. Targeting and automotive performed well supported by new product performance and new business wins, as did health, excluding the prior-year COVID-19 related one-off item.

Consumer Services organic revenue growth was 9%, reflecting growth in marketplace, premium services and partner solutions. We are developing new propositions to help consumers build credit and manage their finances and we are rolling out Experian Activate to help our lender partners target credit offers more precisely. Paid enrolments performed strongly, and we are adding free members to take our free membership base to 59m.

Latin America – 14% of Group revenue4

Latin America delivered organic revenue growth of 16%. At constant currency, total revenue growth was 17%, including contributions from acquisitions in Consumer Services, and from our new bureaux in Chile and Panama.

B2B organic revenue growth was 11%. In Brazil, we continue to benefit from client adoption of positive data products. We have also secured new implementations for Experian Ascend, and we have strong traction with our cloud-enabled decisioning platforms. We also see growing contributions from our small and medium enterprise channel and our agribusiness vertical. Spanish Latin America delivered a strong performance as we expand our presence across the region.

Consumer Services delivered organic revenue growth of 40%.  Free consumer memberships in Brazil rose to 78m.  We delivered a very successful Limpa Nome credit fair, which helps consumers to resolve and settle bills, and our credit comparison marketplace and premium services also delivered good growth.

UK and Ireland – 12% of Group revenue4

Performance in the UK & Ireland was encouraging, delivering organic and total constant currency revenue growth of 6%, notwithstanding challenges in the economy and specific market disruption during October.

B2B organic revenue growth was 10%. This reflects strong results from new products and good execution across all major B2B business units, including consumer credit information, business credit information, analytics, fraud and identity management and targeting, and helped by a strong new business win performance. Most lenders continue to extend credit, having tightened criteria and reduced supply in some categories, while consumer demand for credit is generally elevated. Lender appetite is increasing for analytics to monitor affordability and to derive cost-of living insights, as well as for data and analytics to provide visibility on small business economic exposure.

Organic revenue in Consumer Services declined 8%, as volumes moderated in our credit marketplace, reflecting the lending market disruption in October and tighter lending conditions, as well reduced premium subscription revenue. Free memberships were 12m.

EMEA/Asia Pacific – 6% of Group revenue4

Organic revenue growth and total revenue growth at constant exchange rates across EMEA/Asia Pacific was 1%, with growth across the majority of our strategic markets. We are making good progress on our plan to strengthen and focus our EMEA/Asia Pacific operations.

Future events

Experian will release results for the full year ending 31 March 2023 on Wednesday, 17 May 2023.

Source:  Experian Earnings Release