offers insight and tools to help the business community understand the benefits of establishing and managing business credit. Experian announced the launch of, a new online resource designed to help small-business owners gain a greater understanding of the many topics dealing with business credit, such as the importance of business credit and tips for establishing and improving business credit scores. is an interactive Web site that allows members of the small-business community to take an active role in learning more about business credit. Users can rate the usefulness of the question-and-answer section and also suggest new topics that they would like addressed. also provides insight as to why business owners should keep their business credit separate from their personal credit, and practical tips are provided to help ensure that small-business owners establish and maintain good business credit throughout their company’s life cycle. utilizes Precise IDSM, Experian’s consumer authentication tool, to verify the identity of business owners, ensuring updates are made only by the business owner or corporate officer of record. contains information on the following business credit topics:  A question-and-answer section containing information on establishing business credit, the credit information available on a business credit report and how best to maintain good business credit.  Tools to submit requests to update a company’s demographic information.  Links allowing small-business owners direct access to a business credit report and score and to sign up for continuous monitoring of their business credit file.  Tools to enable small-business owners to “write their suppliers” and encourage them to report their payment experiences — a factor in strengthening a business credit score  Source: Company Press Release

BIIA Newsletter September – 2007 Issue