Experian(®) announced that ReadyForZero, a leading provider of financial tools that help consumers manage debt, track their credit and build wealth, is expanding its online consumer offering to include the VantageScore(®) 3.0 credit score.  With the addition of the credit scoring capability, ReadyForZero users now have a 360-degree view of their credit based on combined consumer data collected from credit accounts, collections, public records and credit inquiries.

A recent study conducted in part by a top U.S.-based bank concluded that ReadyForZero users were 20 percent less likely to be delinquent than nonusers in a control group.

Consumers have acknowledged the value of receiving their VantageScore credit score as part of the ReadyForZero platform to give them additional insight into how managing their debt can have an impact on their credit score.

VantageScore 3.0 was developed to reflect the ever-changing borrowing behaviors, debt levels and mix of credit accounts of consumers nationwide. It offers consumers a familiar, easy-to-understand credit rating between 300 and 850, with higher scores meaning lower risk for lenders and better credit terms for consumers. And because VantageScore requires less credit history to calculate a score, it is now possible for an estimated 35 million more consumers to have access to credit.

Experian has more than 2,000 clients in a variety of industries using VantageScore. Visit our Website for more information about the VantageScore model.

About:  ReadyForZero is a San Francisco based technology company that creates financial tools for the more than 100 million Americans who carry personal debt.  ReadyForZero’s online and mobile tools allow users to create personalized debt repayment plans using real-time financial data, make one-time or recurring payments, and track progress on financial goals automatically. ReadyForZero is backed by prominent investors including Polaris Venture Partners and Citi Ventures.

Source:  4-traders.com