Why insights-driven businesses are winning in the digital age

Experian produced this study in July 2018 to understand digital transformation progress, challenges, and priorities within U.S. organizations. We were eager to learn how organizations today leverage data and analytics capabilities to achieve organizational priorities.  The survey was conducted by Insight Avenue on behalf of Experian and focused on 501 employees in U.S. organizations with visibility and knowledge over digital transformation plans, and how data and analytics are affecting that effort.  Survey respondents were from organizations of more than 250 employees and represented an array of industries, such as: information technology, business services, finance and insurance, retail, telecommunications, public sector, education, and healthcare.

In this report you will learn about the new world order:

  • Business leaders today recognize a myriad of benefits the digital economy has to offer: improved customer experience, better insight for decision-making, accelerated product innovation, and so on. Despite the numerous advantages afforded by digital business, however, organizations are facing an increasingly competitive marketplace and changing consumer expectations.
  • The explosion of digital channels: The digital economy is changing the ways in which businesses communicate with customers and prospects. More and more, we are seeing organizations allocate marketing dollars to digital channels
  • Data is the differentiator: The ability to fully leverage data assets is quickly becoming a leading differentiator in the digital economy.  Our research shows that businesses today are using their information for a wide range of strategic initiatives. What’s at the top?
  • Digital transformation maturity: Industry experts and business leaders talk a great deal about the transformational power of the digital economy, but the reality is that organizations are at varying levels of maturity when it comes to digital transformation.
  • Digital transformation challenges: Embracing digital transformation is much easier said than done. To that end, nearly every company we spoke to (96%) say that they experienced at least one challenge with their digital transformation efforts.  The report shows a breakdown of the top challenges organizations face.

To read the full report click on this link:  Mastering the customer experience

Source:  Experian Data Quality