This Experian research will discuss how organizations are investing in initiatives today to better leverage data, the challenges around becoming a data-driven organization, and how data enablement is coming forward as a  new way to think  about data initiatives.

Lots of data initiatives, but limited results:  Executives across every major industry are investing in data. They are currently focused on a wide variety of initiatives across a few trending data management disciplines. The top projects are data quality, big data analytics, and data governance. Our research shows some interesting trends around the level of maturity in these areas and common challenges. 61

Many are struggling to be data-driven, but some are succeeding: Businesses are investing in data management but still lack data quality maturity. Sixty-five percent of respondents say inaccurate data is undermining key initiatives. In addition, 69 percent say that despite many ongoing data initiatives, their organization struggles to be data-driven.

Experian produced this study in July 2019 to understand how organizations are enabling the use of data across the business. Specifically, Experian looked at how companies were investing in data initiatives, with a focus around data governance, how data enablement was driving businesses to become data-driven, and the technology, tools, and culture in place.

The survey was conducted by Insight Avenue on behalf of Experian and focused on 517 employees in U.S. organizations with visibility into their data management practices. Survey respondents were from organizations of more than 250 employees and represented an array of industries, such as information technology, business services, finance and insurance, retail, telecommunications, public sector, education, and healthcare.

Source:  Experian Report