Experian® UK announced that it has extended its international coverage for identity verification, adding comprehensive and reliable customer data from Denmark and the Netherlands to its global ID verification platform, Prove-ID.

Danish CPR information (personal tax numbers) has been added to the Prove-ID platform as well as name, address and DOB validation for 100 per cent of the population. Data from the Netherlands includes credit reference details which cover 85 per cent of the Dutch population over the age of 18. This means that businesses wishing to trade or offer age restricted products in these locations can adhere to global compliance requirements, while at the same time protect their organisation from fraud and money laundering. The breadth and depth of Experian’s data not only improves match rates but can now also help businesses acquire customers quickly and easily, which in turn will support their international growth and expansion.

With the addition of these two countries, Experian now enables its cross-border clients to make a decision on the authenticity of a customer’s personal details in seven markets which include the US, UK, Germany, Sweden and Canada

Prove-ID is a powerful identity verification platform which helps satisfy an organisation’s requirements to comply with international regulators and address the issue of identity risk. The platform allows users to authenticate customer identities using personal information such as name, address, age, driving license and passport details to ensure that identity verifications are accurate and robust.

The service is used by banking, insurance, finance companies and retailers to fulfil their identity verification needs to help prevent fraudulent applications; to prevent money laundering and to be confident in the identity of individuals that they interact with.

The gaming industry also uses this platform to reduce their exposure to risk; identify potentially fraudulent players; ensure accurate age and ID verification; and combat anti-money laundering.

Source:  Experian Press Release