The demand for data-driven insights and innovation has never been higher. Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape hinges on the ability to leverage accurate and reliable data to make informed and strategic business decisions.  But business leaders often underestimate the level of data debt within their company. Not only does bad data drag down the benefits of data initiatives, but it also impedes daily business operations and broader critical investments.

Experian’s  2020 Global data management research uncovers three new challenges surrounding data management practices that include:

  • Shortage of trusted data and meaningful insights
  • Data debt dragging down ROI of key initiatives
  • Lack of data literacy across the organization

The new Experian research will help you unlock the true power of your organization’s data, helping you transform your business.

In the report you will find a number of highly relevant topics:

Section 1: Trusted data

Organizations are working diligently to manage data, which has become one of the most valued assets to businesses. It is generally understood that having accurate, trusted data will allow for an increased competitive advantage in the form of customer experience, better decision-making, increased innovation, and more efficient business practices

Section 2: Data debt 

While becoming data-driven can provide a multitude of benefits for organizations—from an improved customer experience to better decision-making to increased innovation—many organizations still struggle to leverage data to achieve a competitive advantage.

Section 3: The skills gap

While many organizations want to improve the quality of their data and become data-informed, many lack the skills and resources within their organization to make the necessary changes.


Organizations want and need to be data-driven in today’s economy. Data has become one of the most valuable assets an organization possesses, and therefore, the desire is strong to maximize the benefits of this asset.

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