Experian (200)New tool helps companies increase customer retention and segmentation, and improve marketing spend

Experian® launched Entity Linkage Service, a new tool designed to help companies acquire qualified commercial accounts by identifying business owners and company decision makers within their current consumer customer base.

By leveraging their existing consumer portfolios, companies using the new service can maximize the full potential of current relationships, improve customer retention and segmentation, and optimize marketing spend.

“In today’s competitive business environment, many companies are exploring alternative ways to increase revenue while still keeping marketing costs at a minimum,” said Laura DeSoto, senior vice president for Experian Business Information Services.  “We’ve created Entity Linkage Service to help companies uncover new business contacts, while reducing customer acquisition costs. Given that these new contacts are also existing consumer relationships, companies will increase the probability of successful contact, improve customer lifetime value and more easily identify potential cross-sell and up-sell business opportunities.”

Through a proprietary linkage system, Entity Linkage Service cross-references a company’s consumer customer database with Experian’s commercial and marketing repositories to provide as many as 10 active businesses associated with each consumer contact. Additionally, each company leveraging the service can choose to receive firmographic data and/or commercial credit data on each linked business. This enables companies to target specific business accounts that represent the lowest risk and greatest potential revenue.

Source:  Experian Press Release