In this White Paper one can learn about:

  • The interdependence between data governance and data quality
  • Key business drivers for a governance program
  • Tips for implementing your data governance framework

While many IT departments have recognized early on that data needs to be governed and have commenced Data Governance initiatives, their business users need to be on board and willing to take responsibility and accountability for the data, in order for it to be of use to the firm.

With this in mind Experian Data Quality developed this White Paper which provides insights about definitions, data governance analogy, why your business needs Data Governance?  Where do I begin? What do you need in place for Data Governance?  The value of data quality tools. And solutions.  Top tips to implement a Data Governance framework.

Data is a valuable asset for the modern organization. Data Governance allows you to realize that asset. The nature and volume of data available to businesses is changing at an incredible rate which means the potential costs of foregoing correct Data Governance are rising all the time. Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you needed to do this morning. Increasing regulation has made it more important than ever for companies to use Data Governance.

The sensible approach is to embrace the changing regulatory environment instead of simply reacting to it. Even firms operating in less regulated sectors are becoming wise to the competitive edge that governing and understanding your data brings. Companies embracing a holistic approach to implementing Data Governance will enjoy more benefits as a result. Data Governance initiatives have to involve and be led by the business and use a structured methodology to be successful, cost effective and most of all relevant!

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