New linking process provides the complete picture of small businesses

In October 2007 Experian introduced Multibusiness Owner Link which is designed to identify small business owners who have more than one separate business entity, this unique tool provides marketers with information and insight that has not been available until now. Marketers can better understand their small business customers and present their products and services more effectively.  

Traditional data products link a business to its owner. Multibusiness Owner Link takes that information one step further and shows other businesses owned by that same person. This enables marketers to narrow their approach and market to the owner, not the individual businesses, thus avoiding redundancies and improving return on the marketing investment. 

Multibusiness Owner Link utilizes the data from Experian’s business and consumer databases, identifying small and micro business professionals who: Own multiple unrelated businesses in different locations; or conduct multiple businesses out of a single location.

Source:  Experian Press Release

BIIA Newsletter January 2008 Issue