Eyeota, a leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, announced an expansion of a strong, collaborative partnership with Equifax in New Zealand.

Equifax is a global data, analytics and technology business. It’s rich marketing data, enhanced by market leading modelling and segmentation capability enables marketers to reach highly targeted audiences at scale. Advertisers and marketers leverage Equifax data and analytics to drive better campaign results from tighter media budgets.

Marketers can draw on unique financial insights and risk profiles from across the credit-active population to make relevant offers for finance products. This may help advertisers to be more responsible with campaign delivery by avoiding advertising to consumers that may be at risk or not eligible for certain types of credit offers.

Eyeota provides an extensive global distribution network of leading data management and data trading platforms, and their audience technology platform’s onboarding capabilities let marketers access audience segments built with offline data sets for insights and activation.  Now, with the addition of Equifax NZ’s relevant and accurate marketing data on NZ households and consumers, marketers can enhance audience segmentation to accurately target the best online audiences with scale and find consumers with strong affinities for particular brands, products or services.

Partnering with Eyeota also highlights both organisations’ focus on providing data with integrity. Eyeota’s globally consistent onboarding methodology ensures offline data is activated in a consumer-safe, privacy-compliant and scalable manner, so brands and marketers can use this unique data set with confidence.  Equifax Marketing Services aligns data assets, analytics, technology and integrated marketing capabilities to help marketers find more profitable customers and serves more than 300 clients across the financial, insurance, telecommunications, travel and other industries.

About:  Since 2010 Eyeota has been dedicated to providing our customers with data confidence and delivering solutions that help maximize the value of audience data. This starts with our proven global methodology that onboards offline and online data in a privacy-compliant and globally consistent way without the use of personally identifiable information (PII).

In today’s market, brands need the ability to bridge real world insights into the digital space in order to communicate more effectively with their customers and prospective customers. Yet the market has never been so difficult for brands to navigate. The challenge is finding the best ways to capture and activate audience data and to do so in a way that they can be confident is authentic, trustworthy and reliable.

Source: Scoop Media