ezbobEzbob, the trading name for Orange Money Ltd, is a UK-based financial provider that offers financing through a web portal for small and medium enterprisess. The company was founded in 2011 and started lending to small businesses in the UK in September 2012.

The automated online platform analyzes the applicant’s personal and business information, including links to business bank accounts, online marketplaces, online accounting providers, payment service providers, and e-commerce platforms with which Ezbob is integrated. Ezbob also analyzes the applicant’s current business operating data such as sales, profitability, inventory, customer feedback, business and personal information.

Ezbob compiles this data into a workable client profile in a brief span of time so that it can make a qualified decision, allowing the approved applicant immediate short-term funding. Funding can be paid off at any time because there are no termination fees or early payment penalties. Customers can also re-up their financing in midst of a repayment period if additional funding is needed.

Ezbob UK business loans are ideal for all business owners. Regardless of what industry you are in or where your business is located, we will finance your business with up to £120,000 business loan in as fast as 30 minutes. We have developed the most advanced business loan technology in the market. Our team leads the way when it comes to a small business funding loans. We realize that time is money and therefore applying for funding with ezbob is paperless, simple, and takes less than 10 minutes. With ezbob it’s indeed instant loans.

About:  Ezbob takes a fresh approach to business finance.   It assesses business performance by asking customers to link their business data points to a secure ezbob account – instead of asking for business plans, financial statements or letters from a customer’s  accountant.

Ezbob looks at such data as HMRC filings,  business banking information, a customer’s on-line shops if the customer is an e-commerce business, and accounting details – and it is done all electronically, without any paperwork.

Ezbob’s lending model