FactSet (NYSE:FDS) (NASDAQ:FDS), a global provider of integrated financial information, analytical applications, and industry-leading services, and CID, the artificial intelligence (AI) software innovator, announced the launch of the FactSet Thematic Intelligence & Investments solution to empower asset managers with actionable insights to enhance client engagement, optimize new business opportunities, and make more informed thematic investment decisions.

The FactSet Thematic Intelligence & Investments Solution leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing tools to enable asset managers, including public and private equity investors, mutual funds, and equity hedge funds, to create more exacting portfolios, outperform benchmarks, and keep accountability and transparency at the forefront of asset allocation.

The solution integrates qualitative data with fundamental and quantitative models, products, and processes, resulting in more customized investment offerings, efficient, tailor-made solutions, and a faster reaction to market events affecting clients and investors.

Through the FactSet Thematic Intelligence & Investments Solution, asset managers can easily discern and analyze unstructured data to maximize efficiency, reduce time to market, and gain valuable insights to identify investment opportunities.

Alexander Loerch, Managing Director, CIDAlexander Loerch, Managing Director, CID, said: “Qualitative insights become useable for asset allocation as our AI does not only detect companies exposed to themes, but it also quantifies such exposures.”

Jonathan Reeve, EVP, Head of Content and Technology Solutions at FactSetJonathan Reeve, EVP, Head of Content and Technology Solutions at FactSet, said: “Our joint solution enables asset managers to combine thematic exposure scores with the full spectrum of fundamental and quantitative data available from FactSet, all seamlessly integrated via APIs and data feeds.”

FactSet and CID’s joint Thematic Intelligence & Investments solution is the second in a series of AI-related products and services launched to further strengthen its AI capabilities and help solve clients’ workflow challenges.

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Source: FactSet Press Release