Enhancements significantly reduce time needed to validate and tune models used to identify optimized strategiesFair Isaac Corporation (NYSE: FIC), announced the release and immediate availability of Decision Optimizer version 5.7, the preeminent tool for optimizing decision strategies amid operational complexities, resource constraints and market uncertainties. Enhancements in Decision Optimizer 5.7 streamline the validation and tuning of decision models that are used to drive the optimization process, enabling companies to create optimized strategies much more quickly than previously possible.  Decision Optimizer 5.7 provides a new scenario type and supporting reports for validating decision model results, along with improved tracing capabilities to assist faster debugging of the underlying components.  New modeling enhancements allow more flexible criteria within decision tables, and enable users to add custom functions seamlessly for use within equation models.  In addition, more flexible options have been added to specify how segmentation is applied during optimization.Decision Optimizer is a core component of Fair Isaac’s Decision Management suite of solutions and technologies that enable organizations to automate, improve and connect decisions across their business.  The market-proven technology is currently in use in more than 90 projects at more than 50 financial institutions throughout the world, helping them optimize business results in customer acquisition, origination, account management, retention and fraud referrals.  Source: Fair Isaac Press Release
July 23, 2008 – (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) – Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced the financial results for its third quarter ended June 30, 2008. Fiscal 2008 Year-to-date Revenues from Continuing Operations Highlights: 

  • Strategy Machine® Solutions revenues were $293.6 million compared to $306.4 million in the prior year, or a decrease of 4.2%, primarily due to the divestiture of the mortgage product line in the second quarter of fiscal 2007 and a decline associated with  marketing solutions and analytics products, partially offset by an increase in revenues derived from collections and recovery, and consumer products.
  • Scoring Solutions revenues were $119.6 million compared to $134.5 million in the prior year, or a decrease of 11.1%, primarily due to a decrease in revenues derived from our PreScore® Service as well as a decrease in the volume of credit bureau risk scores, including a one-time true-up relating to the previously announced agreement with Equifax. Professional Services revenues were $114.6 million compared to $110.8 million in the prior year, or an increase of 3.4%, primarily due to an increase associated with collections and recovery, customer management, fraud and Blaze Advisor™ implementation and consulting services, partially offset by a decrease in revenues derived from originations and healthcare and analytic implementation and consulting services.
  • Analytic Software Tools revenues were $38.8 million compared to $33.7 million in the prior year, or an increase of 15.0%, due to an increase in revenues generated from the sale of the Blaze Advisor™, model builder and Xpress MP products.    Source: Fair Isaac Press Release

BIIA Newsletter September 2008 Issue