CRIF GmbH, based in Germany, has become the first associated partner of the DSWV (German Sports Betting Association).   The partnership strengthens the DSWV and expands the network in the interests of members and partners.

The DSWV and its members are committed to  progressive and fair development of German sports betting regulations in line with European law. This year, CRIF becomes the first associated partner of the DSVW.

CRIF will support sports betting providers in complying with the legal requirements regarding identification. As an information service provider, CRIF already serves many well-known gambling and sports betting providers and is a leader in the field of Identity, KYC, AML and Risk & Fraud Management. With this expertise, CRIF will actively support the interests of sports betting providers and ensure the necessary player protection.

“In such a highly regulated area, it is particularly important to provide a lot of information, remove concerns and break down barriers,” commented Dr. Frank Schlein, CEO of CRIF. “CRIF offers the right approach for legally compliant KYC processes, offering its clients a variety of solutions. With its knowledge, CRIF can work together with the DSWV and its members on new approaches and present new technical possibilities to policymakers.”

Founded in 2014, the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) is the association of leading German and European sports betting providers. Based in Berlin, the DSWV sees itself as a point of contact, especially for policymakers, the sports sector and the media. Its 17 members, representing between 80 and 90 percent of the tax-paying sports betting market in Germany, all hold nationwide sports betting licenses under the Third Amendment of the State Treaty on Gambling or are in the process of applying for a license. Since 2012, they have paid over EUR 2.5 billion in sports betting taxes in Germany. Most members are also active sponsors in German professional sports.

“With CRIF, the DSWV gains its first associated partner. As the only voice of responsible sports betting providers committed to regulation, we warmly welcome companies licensed in Germany to our ranks,” said Mathias Dahms (President of the DSWV) about the new partnership with CRIF. “Our goal is to continuously develop gambling regulation in Germany in a critical but constructive dialog with policymakers and authorities – even after the new State Gambling Treaty has come into force. This is because, with the excessive monitoring of online players and strict product restrictions, policymakers have placed major obstacles in the way. The market will have to show whether regulation can succeed this way. Here, the industry must pull together and continue to engage. With CRIF’s expertise, we are gaining an important partner who knows the regulated markets very well and will help develop our association’s work further.”

Source:  CRIF News