CRIF is helping in the fight against Covid-19 so we can get back to our everyday lives, together and stronger.

During this major crisis, CRIF has, as always, given absolute priority to the health and safety of its employees, customers, suppliers and the community as a whole. To do this we have adopted a series of measures to protect the health of our employees and third parties. One of these, working from home, has enabled us to reduce exposure and the risk of infection, while still being there for our clients.

But there are those who cannot stay home: doctors, nurses, healthcare and civil protection workers are all on the frontline, and for this we thank them.

Over recent weeks, there have been many fundraising initiatives for hospitals which are making a huge contribution to the fight against the spread of infection, saving the lives of those unfortunate enough to have contracted the virus.

At CRIF, we have chosen to support a number of these initiatives in different Italian cities (Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna, LILT in Milan, ANT and the Italian Civil Protection Department), both acting directly and through our employees: for those who want to, it will be possible to donate one or more hours of their salary to one of the associations we are supporting.

Moreover, CRIF and Palazzo di Varignana wanted to give even more practical support by making a donation to the Bologna health service to buy materials, services and medical equipment to deal with the crisis.

Only by all working together can we overcome this challenging time: together we will emerge stronger than ever!

Source: CRIF News