Cybersecurity solution provider and systems integrator EC Wise and Silicon Valley analytic software firm FICO announced that EC Wise has joined FICO’s Enterprise Security Score partner program.  Through the partnership, EC Wise will incorporate the  into its EC:Secure portfolio of products and services, which enable clients to accurately assess cybersecurity risk within their own organization, as well as any organization they wish to work with.

The FICO® Enterprise Security Score provides an easy-to-understand metric that facilitates empirically informed board-level risk assessment, third-party vendor management, and cyber breach insurance underwriting. Along with a score, the product provides current threat profile characteristics and granular insights into potential security issues to facilitate security posture remediation and continuous improvement processes. It does so by leveraging both quantitative and qualitative insights to assess and understand the risk of an organization’s network assets.

The score helps organizations manage cyber-risks from vendors, business partners and other third parties. With that insight, EC Wise can provide the automated tool chains and services necessary to mitigate risks for insurance underwriting and portfolio management.

About EC Wise:  EC Wise Inc. is an international secure platform and systems developer utilizing automation and best of breed tools and tool chains to provide cyber assessment, mitigation strategy and solutions as well as IT Security, Services, and Analytics.

Headquartered in San Rafael, CA, with offices in China and Peru, EC Wise offers services that enable its clients to assess needs, efficiently plan, design, and implement highly secure information platforms, products, networks and systems compliant with national and international standards.  Founded in 1998 by Jack Hakim, EC Wise has grown to an efficient and measured global technology and security firm focused on developing, deploying and operating affordable secure systems for highly regulated markets (e.g., Government, Health Care, Finance, Military). EC Wise services include product implementation and integration, analytics, software development, and design/ implementation of layered security strategies.

Source: FICO Press Release